• Cheng Leong

ThinkTank #1 - English

Common mistake 1: 'they're', 'there' and 'their' are homophones i.e. they have the same pronunciation but differ in spelling and meaning. The correct pronunciation is /ðeə(r)/ (as in 'there').

Common mistake 2: Due to how similar the 3 expressions are, students may be confused and use them inappropriately.

Let's look at the correct usage of these terms.

'They're' is a contraction of 'they are' and should be used as such.

'There' is an adverb that typically refers to a location that the opposite of 'here' e.g. "They're over there."

'Their' is a possessive adjective used to describe something as belonging to them (plural) e.g. "They left their bags in the classroom."

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